Servicio de previsiones meteorológicas de calidad para todo tipo de empresas: energía, turismo, agricultura, marítimo, náutico, ocio, eventos. Our History - TAIKOMETEOROLOGIA


Two of the most powerful Gods in Japanese mythology are Raijin and Fujin. Raijin is the God that produces the thunders and Fujin controls the winds. They are very close friends, however they do argue sometimes. Raijin has the look of a devil with very long nails and a strange appetite; he likes to eat human belly buttons. Even now when a storm hits Japan, little kids cover their belly with their little hands. Raijin creates the thunders by hitting his Japanese drums or Taiko that he always carries with him. We just love this story.


Who we are?

TAIKO Meteorología is your professional weather consultant. We produce tailor made weather forecasts. TAIKO Meteorología has been founded by two highly recognized professionals. Joan Prat Rubí, a lawyer that besides his passion for the weather owns one of the most important law firms working in Energy law. Alfred Rodríguez Picó, meteorologist with more than 30 years of experience working for different media companies like TV3, Catalunya Radio, La Vanguardia, El Periódico among others. Lecturer and classical music producer and Roman Llagostera Pujol, an agronomist with studies of economics at the business school, recognized professional in the world of water, green, waste, energy and other environmental issues, specializing in public services, works and consulting. To launch this company the team has been expanded and counts now with two more meteorologists, Marc Rusiñol weather expert and computer engineer and Iván Herrera, environmentalist with 10 years experience in weather forecasts for the media. This multidisciplinary team shares their passion for the weather with their experience and professional knowledge.

Weather information has found its natural environment with new technologies. TAIKO Meteorologia is part of the most successful weather forum in Catalunya and one of the most dynamic in Europe, more than 4.6M pages in 2015.


We provide highly accurate weather forecast for businesses based on the particular needs of our clients. Technology, knowledge and passion.

Your experts in Meteorology


Joan Prat Rubí

Energy Law Lawyer

Alfred Rodríguez Picó

Meteorologist and communicator

Roman Llagostera Pujol


Marc Rusiñol

Computer Engineering and meteorologist

Ivan Herrera

Environmental Sciences and meteorologist

Marc Martínez

Geographer and meteorologist