Servicio de previsiones meteorológicas de calidad para todo tipo de empresas: energía, turismo, agricultura, marítimo, náutico, ocio, eventos. Energético


Harnessing weather for gain. Our core competence lies in quantifiable weather prediction based on personal and computer technologies both for renewable energy and other traditional energy assets.
Weather is inherently linked to the energy market. Production, supply and demand is directly and constantly affected by weather phenomena. Being this a highly competitive sector any gain, no matter how small, will directly lead to better results for your company. Our team will create a tailor made prediction that will be a unique tool at the time of defining your strategy.

We start by carefully studying any of your production, distribution or consumption units. Taking advantage of the most advanced tools in weather prediction we will select the information that you need that will then be transformed in a clear and understandable report that will become a decisive input at the time of managing all your resources.

Among others:

Weighted average temperatures in a precise territoire

Temperatures, max-min-average for any location.

Hourly wind information, speed and type of winds.

Cloud coverage.


Relative humidity.

Atmospheric Pressure.

Severe weather phenomena (hail, storms, snow, floods…).

Alerts for severe weather phenomena.

Any other that affects your business.


All our information is constantly updated and through our own web site you could access to your own private area where you will find all your reports. Besides, we offer the possibility of directly talk to one of our experts that will give you a deeper and personal input and that will be there to give you any additional information that you might need.

TAIKO Meteorology is in the best position to certify weather records in a day, time and specific place and its possible impact on installations of energy companies or consumers connected to its networks.

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Ramon Baylina & Conxi Ciurana